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To please young people, the theater should be innovative, interactive and digital: this is what the presenters of this show, like a show marketing, claim. A funny and satirical fable about our hyperconnected society.

Young dynamic thirty, Bertrand, Chris and Yves are consultants in “art and innovation”. In their conference, they want to persuade us that theater is an outdated and authoritarian art: do not we ask the viewer to sit, with his mobile phone off?! … They want to turn the theater into a product “cool and trendy “. How? By injecting on stage the recipes that are successful on the internet. Selfies, flash mobs, absurd or tearful videos …: everything is good to “make the buzz”. Because these young people with long teeth, more and more disturbing, do not stop at nothing. This false conference is to be taken in the second degree. The collective Ramdam pretends to celebrate what it attacks: manipulation and propaganda, the cult of power and money, the ideology of “always more, always faster” from the Silicon Valley. Inspired by the tradition of satirical theater and the hoaxes of the group of Yes Men, the Belgian actors are in the overbid. Their goal: to stimulate debate among young people

From January 16 to 24

To have more information about the Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil click here.

Address: Salle Maria Casarès, 63, rue Victor Hugo, 93100 Montreuil

Access: (9)  Mairie de Montreuil

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