Get a € 200 discount voucher

With your European Youth Card, get a € 200 voucher on your driving license with City’Zen in Amiens

With over 30 years experience in driving education and road safety, leader of its profession and approved for professional training, 16 agencies in Nord Pas de Calais and Picardie.

Your City’Zen training will help you develop the new knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable you to become a safe and effective “City’Zen Driver”, respectful of others and their environment. So you will easily get your driver’s license and better enjoy your new freedom of movement safely.

Pour en savoir plus sur City’Zen cliquez ici

Addresse : 316 Bd St Quentin – 80000 AMIENS

To get the discount, follow these steps:
– Order your Carte Jeunes Européenne Here
– Log in to “My account” and visit this page
– Discover at the bottom of this page how to get the discount

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