With your European Youth Card, enjoy reduced prices on all your European trips with FlixBus Company:

– 5€ off when you receive your card

5€ off on your first trip

– 3€ off on your second trip

– 10% off on your third trip 

What are your plans for next weekend or the next holidays? FlixBus makes your transport easier with a big choice of long distance trips and low cost travel from just 5€! Present in France and also some twenty European countries, the company offers you a mobility service alternative, accessible to all budgets. For your comfort you can travel with Wifi and electrical outlets, by watching your favourite series or by playing your favourite video game! In association with FlixBus, CarteJ makes you benefit lower prices when you book a ticket!

See the bus destination here

To enjoy the discount it’s very easy, follow these steps:

– Order your Carte Jeunes Européenne here

– Log in to “My account” and visit this page

– Discover at the bottom of this page how to get the discount!