48% off at le Grand Musée du Parfum

With your Carte Jeunes Européenne, enjoy a 48% discount on your ticket at le Grand Musée du Parfum.

Perfume piques our curiosity, because the way it is made remains enigmatic to the majority of people who wear it on a daily basis. Today’s visitors want the real story, authentic information, and are increasingly interested in perfumers and their creations.
Le Grand Musée du Parfum wants to give everyone the satisfaction of comprehending the perfumer’s artistic intentions, learning to truly appreciate a perfume, and expressing his or her own tastes through scent.

Enjoy your entry at only 7.50€ instead of 14.50€.
Enjoy also 7% off on the olfactory workshops that it 85€ instead of 95€.

Tuesday to Sunday 10:30 am – 7:00 pm

See more information about le Grand Musée du Parfum here

Adresse: 73 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, 75008 Paris

Access: (9) (13) Miromesnil, (1) (13) Champs Elysée-Clemenceau, (1) (9) Franklin D Roosvelt

To get the discount, follow these steps:
– Order your Carte Jeunes Européenne Here
– Go on the spot and justify your discount with your Carte Jeunes Européenne and your ID

– For the workshop you need to book at atelier@parfeum.com or at 01 42 65 25 44 and go on the spot  with your Carte Jeunes Européenne

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