20% off on the platform TOITCHEZMOI

With your Carte Jeunes Européenne, enjoy till 20% off on the platform TOITCHEZMOI.
Toitchezmoi is the leader on the Housing against Services market. This platform aims at putting in relation people who provide accommodation and people who look for accommodation, in the idea of collaborative consumption allowing everyone to find a solution for their needs. This leads to a free accommodation in exchange of services.
A win-win solution: find a place for free being of service.

– 10 % off on the Serenity Pack for a 6 month subscription for 86,30€ instead 95,90€.

– 20% off on the Liberty Pack for a 3 month subscription for 23,90€ instead of 29,90€.


More information on TOITCHEZMOI here.

To get the discount, follow these steps:
– Order your Carte Jeunes Européenne Here

– Create your account on the TOITCHEZMOI website with the number of your Carte Jeunes Européenne