10% off on your surpise trip – Flight + 2 hotel nights

With Waynabox discover your next trip destination two days before the travel date !  CarteJ wants to show you a new and an unforgettable experience, and also gives you a 10% discount of your stay !


Two days before your trip, Waynabox will send you an email unveiling your next destination and the documents that you needed for travel !

– Select your starting city between Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Porto, Alicante and Malaga

– Select your dates : choose from Friday to Sunday or from Saturday to Monday. According to the date the rates can change.

– Select (if you need) the cities that you don’t want to visit

See more information on the WEBSITE

To enjoy the discount, it’s very easy ; follow these steps :

– Order your European Youth Card

– Log on the page with your user name

– Discover at the bottom of the page how to get the discount!