With your Carte Jeunes Européenne, enjoy discounts until 50€ on your reservation on Yestudent.

Yestudent helps you booking a bed at students’ all over Europe, for around 15€ per night. The website puts students in touch : hosts, who planced an add to welcome you in return for a few euros, and travelling students. More than an accomodation, it is an encounter between students who are ready to help. Each trip with Yestudent is an experience and a new friendship.

You’re starting an internship, you’re looking for a flat, or you just feel like escaping for a few days? Yestudent is for you!

With your Carte Jeunes Européenne, you can enjoy discounts on Yestudent :

– 5€ discount on all your reservations
– 10€ discount on all your 7 nights minimum reservations
– 25€ discount on all you 14 nights minimum reservations
– 50€ discount on all your 30 nights minimum reservations

(discounts cannot be combined on a single reservation)

You also have a 24/7 customer service for your reservation.

More information on Yestudent

How to enjoy the discounts ?

– Order your Carte Jeunes Européenne here

– Log on this page “My account” with your user name

– Discover at the bottom of the page how to get the discount

– Access Yestudent website here

– Choose the city where you want to go and your host

– Type the promotional code before paying and enjoy the discount.

– For any question, please contact info@cartejeunes.fr