With your CarteJ, enjoy 10% discount in your entry at the Zoo of Lisbon.

The Jardim Zoologico of Lisboa

“At Lisbon Zoo, you will travel around the world without leaving Lisbon. Go to California and kiss a sea lion, pass through Cuba and feel the skin of a snake, and be sure to go sailing in the ocean to watch the dolphins. In the African route, meet the gorillas and chimpanzees. Visit the elephants and the giraffes in the savannah. Watch the pelicans feeding between Africa and Asia. Hide in the forest to observe the okapis and explore Madagascar to find lemurs. Be amazed by the view from the cable car and take a ride in the Zoo train…”

How to get your discount ?

– Order your CarteJ

– Go at the counter with your CarteJ and apply the “Cartão Jovem” rate.

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