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Article published on November 28 2016 on EYCA.org

Youth-led organisation to launch the European Youth Card in Moldova

QNA Moldova is the latest addition to the European Youth Card Association, gearing up to launch the Youth Card in Moldova. QNA is dedicated to investing in the development of young people through education, sports and mobility.

For the past 6 years, QNA has been working diligently to organise sports events, trainings and projects involving young Moldovans and supporting them to develop. By launching the European Youth Card in Moldova, the new EYCA member organisation aims to increase its impact on young people and make a real difference in their lives.

Alexandr Trubca, QNA Moldova President, said: “We work with different categories of young people and they all deserve equal access to opportunities. Furthermore, we see the Youth Card as a way to support youth mobility and connect young Moldovans with national and international opportunities. We believe the Youth Card will be a useful tool to involve young people in community development.” Dorin Curosu, QNA Board Member, added: “Our ambition is to bring something new to young Moldovans. We believe the European Youth Card can inspire our young people, it can give them the opportunities and motivation they need to grow.”

Jarkko Lehikoinen, EYCA President, stated: “Having such a dynamic and driven youth-led organisation as our member is a most valuable addition to the European Youth Card Association. QNA is in the ideal position to make the European Youth Card a unique tool for young people in Modova, empowering them and providing opportunities for mobility and active citizenship. They have all our confidence and support.”

With this new addition to the Association, the EYCA network now includes 38 member organisations in 36 European countries.