Visit for free or at half price the main museums in Andorra with your European Youth Card !

“A visit to the site will allow us to see how these mechanical devices have served for carrying people and goods around the world and have been one of the most important challenges of the 20th century”.

“The house of Areny-Plandolit is one of the most emblematic museums in Andorra.It is the only example of a stately home in Andorra that has reached our days intact…”

“A tour of the Casa Rull in Sispony, La Massana, takes us back to the end of the 19th and early 20th century. It shows us the way of life of a family of peasant landowners at a time when agriculture and stock breeding were the economic base of Andorran rural society”.

“It receives different micro miniatures by this Ukrainian artist, considered the best in the world in this discipline, which have to be seen under a magnifying glass or a microscope”.


“The truly force of the museum lies on its evocation’s power for sensations, people and specials moments. It is an immersion in the memories and dreams that activated and lead the five senses on”.

“Over a century of motorcycling history! Balance, sangfroid, two wheels and the unmistakable, penetrative smell of petrol”.

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